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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider replacing my present cooling and heating system?

If you have a heating & cooling system set up in your home or company that is more than ten years old, you may want to consider changing it with a newer, more effective system. Today’s heating & cooling systems run about 60 percent more efficient than those that were made 10 years back and a lot more effective than systems that are older than that. If you are running an older system, you could be investing numerous dollars each year in electrical power and heating bills. That’s money that you could be returning in your pocket each month. A more recent system might spend for itself in just a couple years. Discuss the possibility with the experts at Los Angeles Cooling and to see if an upgrade or a total replacement is best for your individual scenario.

Are brand-new heating and cooling systems pricey?

Going over the cost of a new or upgraded cooling and heating system need to consist of the your system’s current effectiveness. At Los Angeles Cooling and, our professionals can examine your existing system and tell you if you would benefit economically from setting up a new system or keeping your present one for a couple of more years. We have your benefit in mind and we strive to help you conserve cash even if it means less work for us.

Do you offer after hours and weekend services?

At Los Angeles Cooling and, we understand that heating system and ac system do not just break down throughout company hours. That’s why our personnel offers emergency services throughout evening and weekend hours. When your heating system or air conditioning system breaks down, simply call our Los Angeles heating and cooling staff right away to arrange a consultation. Lot of times, we can provide exact same day service so you never ever have to wait too long prior to getting your furnace or ac system back in working order.

How can I keep my cooling and heating system working at its ideal efficiency?

Much like any other system, preventative maintenance and cleansing is important to ensure it lasts for many years to come. Your heating and cooling system is no various. Something you can do to ensure your heating and cooling system works efficiently is to clean the filters regularly. Every few months, inspect the air filter. If it is dirty and filthy, it is time to either clean or replace it. Likewise, you must look for leaks, deterioration and other issues a few times a year. If you are unsure how to do this, the Los Angeles heating and cooling service technicians can do it for you. You can establish a schedule of routine preventative upkeep with Los Angeles Cooling and so you do not have to worry about it yourself.

Do you utilize brand name parts?

Yes. At Los Angeles Cooling and, we utilize the best quality parts and professional grade equipment with each task that we do. Combine that with our expert workmanship and you can anticipate our work to last for many years to come. We likewise provide a guarantee with each task we do so you can have us do all of your heating & cooling work with complete confidence.

How can you improve my air quality?

For many years, dust, particles and bacteria can develop in the ductwork of your cooling and heating system. Because this is where the air in your home is distributed from, you could be breathing this stuff in day in and day out. At Los Angeles Cooling and, however, our service technicians can clean up all of that things out of your ducts with our expert devices. We will remove it from your home so you can start breathing cleaner air right now. You might even find out that some of your health problems and allergic reactions were being aggravated by the dust and particles that you have actually been breathing in.